Teens, Facebook & Embarrassing Photos

To what this father asked me so that we can come up with some answers together. I really need your help and input.

So there I was answering all of the questions with ease when I found myself at a total loss for an answer. The father asked what the social and emotional effects are on teens who are both self-conscious and having many embarrassing moments photographed by phones everywhere and then perhaps posted for many to view. I thought that this was and is an excellent question. Teens have always been self-conscious. Since that is the case then how are they dealing with photos of them during their most embarrassing moments being captured on camera and then being made public. I can truly say that this question has me scratching my head. I am going to ask every teen I know about this.

Is it possible that teens have just gotten so used to seeing embarrassing photos of themselves that they are not as bothered? Or, have they embraced their self-consciousness and decided to be at one with it? I really don’t know. Please help.