The Best Parenting Advice For Teens

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with several teens and had the opportunity once again to ask them all sorts of questions. You know why I ask them questions; right? I have two reasons: 1. I find teenagers fascinating and 2. I want to keep parents in the know about all things teenage.

I started the dialogue by asking the teens (ages 13-16) about the best advice their parents have ever given them. After a very lively discussion, we placed their responses into 3 lovely and tidy compartments. Listen up here. You will be very surprised at what your teens find helpful. And, by the way they are listening to you. They just don’t seem like they are.

They are grateful that you told them:

1. to think before they speak.

2. to consider how their behavior affects others.


3. to use social media safely.

Wow. I was impressed not only by what the teens said but also by what you are telling them.