The Holidays, Teens and Alcohol

Christmas and New Year’s are quickly approaching and parents need to acknowledge that this is a time to focus on keeping teens safe. Parents must focus on teens and drinking and teens and drinking and driving.

Listen up. Many households have lots of alcohol around during the holidays. In fact, the alcohol might be right next to the orange juice in the refrigerator. Teens have easy access to both the refrigerator and the alcohol. My suggestion here is to monitor your supply of alcohol frequently. If it appears to be diminishing talk to the teen(s) in the house and let them know that you have noticed alcohol disappearing.

Here is another favorite trick of teens-they like to put vodka in their water bottles. My suggestion here is to check their bags for water bottles when they leave the house and when they return. This sounds strict but safety is the goal. And, while you are keeping an eye on their water bottles and any missing alcohol please keep an eye on your own alcohol consumption. Remember you are your teens’ most important role models. They are watching you. If they see you getting drunk then they are likely to follow suit. Keep an eye on your own drinking- mom and dad.

I wish you and your teens a safe and happy holiday season. Keep the drinking to a minimum, an eye on your teens and hopefully you will have a happy and healthy season with no alcohol-related accidents or difficulties.

Good luck!